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Carpet Tile & Commercial Carpet

In addition to being among New York City’s top suppliers of poured and self-leveling floors, Flooring 23 installs a wide variety of other commercial flooring alternatives for schools, offices, retail stores and more.

Carpet Tile

Carpet tile brings the look of carpeting with the ease of installation and repair of a tile floor.  Carpet tile is the ideal choice for locations which might be subject to uneven wear or staining, or those where the warmth and softness of carpet is desired, but a more durable flooring product is required.  Choose from a wide variety or textures, colors and materials to find the carpet tile that’s right for your facility, and count on Flooring 23 for quality installation.

Commercial Carpet

Flooring 23 can furnish your commercial facility with a wide variety of commercial grade roll carpeting, allowing for a softer, warmer, flooring finish which is still durable and easy to maintain.  Choose from hundreds of samples to find the perfect commercial carpet for your facility.


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