Floor Preparation

Beautiful Floors Begin with Floor Preparation

Tile floor demolition and removalAt Flooring 23, we know that even the most exquisite flooring products will not look their best if they are not installed properly, and proper flooring installation begins with floor preparation.  Depending upon the condition and materials of the existing flooring, this might mean carpet rip up and removal, removal of adhesive and contaminants or other means of removal of existing flooring.

For most types of new flooring installation, the floor beneath it needs to be clean, smooth, level and firm.  We understand the foundation requirements for the various types of commercial flooring and make sure that our floor preparation creates the ideal surface for the installation of your new flooring, from epoxy flooring to carpeting, ensuring that you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

Removal of Existing Flooring

Don’t just trust the removal of your existing flooring to anyone.  The professionals at Flooring 23 are aware of and compliant with regulations regarding hazardous materials and waste removal.  When we remove your existent flooring, whether it is carpet rip up and removal or lifting of old vinyl or asbestos flooring, we are careful to use proper equipment and techniques for removal of adhesive and contaminants to maintain the appearance and safety of your environment.

Start with proper floor preparation and continue with expert installation of your new commercial flooring.  Call Flooring 23 to get it done right from start to finish.

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