Poured Floors

Poured Floors for Difficult Surfaces

Many of the most durable and attractive industrial flooring options fall into the category of poured floors. Poured floors provide an economical commercial flooring option for large areas, areas with uneven, imperfect or unlevel floors, as well as thpoured resin floorose which need to be sanitized and stand up to heavy volumes of foot traffic. Poured floors can be self-leveling or not, and can be created in a wide range of colors, textures and finishes. Epoxy flooring, resin flooring, acrylic flooring and concrete flooring can all be poured floors, and micro toppings, clear coats and color coats provide even more options, making poured floors among the most versatile, attractive and economical institutional flooring solutions available.  Poured floors can be uniform in color, or create bold commercial flooring designs with a versatility that is only limited by your imagination and budget.

With thirty years experience in quality installations of epoxy flooring and a wide range of poured floors, Flooring 23 is the first choice for poured flooring installation in New York City, Orange, Dutchess, Ulster and Sullivan counties. Call us to find out why.


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