Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete Floors Don’t Look Like Cement

Polished concrete flooring is an economical commercial flooring option that is created through a process ofpolished concrete floor treating concrete with a chemical densifier, then grinding it with progressively finer grit until the surface reaches a high polish. Polishing concrete flooring changes the appearance dramatically!  Decorative inclusions can be added to the concrete in the finishing stages to produce a variety of finished effects. Polished concrete flooring is an ideal commercial flooring solution for new construction, as it saves on material costs by taking advantage of the newly poured concrete.  Polished concrete floors may be among the most cost effective institutional flooring options for new construction, and with a bit of advance planning for inclusions, can be highly decorative in addition to being practical.

Polished concrete flooring provides a naturally non-slip surface, making them ideal for locations which might be subject to being wet or creating other slipping hazards, and where traction is needed, like driveways, parking garages and automobile dealerships. Unlike raw concrete, polished concrete floors provide a finished and attractive commercial flooring surface, which is very easy to maintain, requiring nothing more than a wet mop to clean.

Unlike poured floors, which can be used to cover up older, damaged commercial flooring materials, polished concrete may not be the best option for older concrete floors that are damaged or uneven. Flooring 23 has almost three decades of experience in installation of polished concrete floors in addition to other institutional and industrial flooring throughout New York City, Long Island, Orange, Dutchess, Ulster and Sullivan counties. We can help you find the perfect commercial flooring solution for your unique needs.




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